What happens if you cannot fix my device? 

Any device could have internal damage which may not be apparent until it has been taken apart.  Sometimes, parts that are working before opening the unit may be ready to fall apart on the inside and damage progresses further during repairs.  When possible, we will replace the damaged parts as part of the service.  If we cannot, we will reassemble the device with its original parts and you will not be charged. 

Will my Touch ID/Face ID work?

Damage to the home button or Face ID may not become apparent until after the part is removed.  We will replace the button if it is damaged, but the fingerprint sensor and Face ID are proprietary Apple technology and cannot be repaired except by Apple.

Why am I paying for an LCD repair when my LCD does not appear to be damaged?

If the glass is severely cracked, damage to the LCD or digitizer will occur when removing the screen from the phone.  The screen must be readily separable from the iPhone metal housing. 

If there is only slight damage to the LCD, can I just repair the glass? 

No, the glass and LCD are fused together as one part.  The LCD is still replaced for a glass-only repair, but your broken screen is sent away for recycling credit, enabling us to lower the price for you.  If the LCD is damaged, the screen has no recycling value.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication is an optional feature that you may have manually set up which requires you to verify your identity with a separate device after a factory restore. 

Liquid Exposure

Liquid damage gets worse over time, even after the device is dry.  If repairs are performed, additional part failure or irreversible damage could occur during disassembly.  These devices have no warranty or guarantee. 

Abandoned Device Policy

Any unit not picked up after 90 days becomes property of iRepair Buffalo and will be recycled.


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